About UsOur mission is to invest in a more sustainable and inclusive digital futureA Pure Play Digital Infrastructure Specialist

Digital Gravity Infrastructure Partners will advise on the investment in assets and companies that provide the infrastructure of data and the internet, supporting the digital transformation of society.

We are specialists in digital infrastructure, focused on adding value where we aim to build leading neutral and scalable businesses to drive positive change.

Our strategy seeks investments in and builds capabilities across the global connectivity value chain, empowering underserved communities, and shaping a connected, sustainable future.

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Building sustainable connectivity

Our strategy

Digital infrastructure specialist

Leveraging long tenure of investment and operating knowledge to identify higher return opportunities and to execute true value – add across our investments

Digital infrastructure specialist

Growth mid-market convergence strategy

Building scalable, neutral infrastructure across the value chain, driving compounding layers of specialism and knowledge across the investments to deliver better opportunities, value add and customer solutions

Growth mid-market convergence strategy

Sustainable connectivity and inclusivity

Driving sustainable digital infrastructure, digital inclusivity and transformation; creating alpha through solving tangible social challenges, driven by the demands of our customers and partners.

Sustainable connectivity and inclusivity
The Opportunity
Digital infrastructure is facing three major megatrends:
  • Ongoing digital transformation and demand growth.

  • Artificial intelligence and evolving network and compute needs.

  • Sustainable and Inclusive digital infrastructure.

$400 billion a year market growing to $1 trillion by 2030
More users & devices consuming more data at faster speeds
  • Around 5 billion people use the Internet, with over 1 billion new users expected over next 5 years. The total number of connected devices is projected to reach 75 billion, half of which will be machine-to-machine (M2M) devices, like smart home and industrial sensors, and connected vehicles.

  • Demand for data increased 5x since 2017. Autonomous vehicles require 4 terabytes of data every day, and Artificial intelligence algorithms GPT-4 required 1 petabyte of data (1000 terabytes). Network bandwidth requirements are doubling every 2 years.

  • Latency is essential for real-time applications, dramatically affecting fields like online gaming and financial trading, where even milliseconds matter. Amazon has claimed that every 100 milliseconds of latency reduces their sales by 1%.

1 billion new internet users over next 5 years, doubling bandwidth every 2 years.
Sustainable and Inclusive digital infrastructure
  • The UN has identified internet connectivity as a key driver of economic development, with a 10% increase in broadband penetration resulting in a 1.4% increase in GDP growth in developing countries.

  • Data centres use 1-3% of the world’s electricity and emit 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By 2030, they are projected to 4x their water usage. This strains local and national electricity grids and natural resources.

  • World’s largest procurers of digital infrastructure – global tech – are demanding robust sustainable solutions for data centres in terms of emissions, efficiency and circularity, with a target of zero carbon, zero waste data centres.

10% increase in broadband penetration raises GDP by 1.4%
In a world fighting a climate crisis
  • Digital infrastructure is increasingly demanding higher use of finite natural resources.

  • This is particularly evident in data centres which are putting increasing strain on local and national electricity networks. Data centres also account for about 2% of total GHG emissions, the same as the aviation sector.

  • The opportunity to create sustainable digital infrastructure requires a unique and focused strategy.

Data centres account for 2% of global GHG

"Building  and  upgrading

the digital infrastructure required to

improve  global  economic and

social  productivity  will be one of the

greatest investment opportunities that

arises over the coming  generation "

- Thor Johnsen, Managing Partner
Digital Gravity’s investment stratergy
strategy image
01 Returns

Targeting higher
infrastructure returns

Digital Gravity is a digital infrastructure specialist investing in growth, mid-cap control opportunities by identifying sub-layers of macro tailwinds, leveraging its differentiated partner ecosystem and constructing portfolios that accelerate convergence value

02 Risk

Enhanced risk

Digital Gravity seeks to maintain traditional infrastructure risk profiles while delivering enhanced returns by leveraging its deep domain expertise and operational specialism in the rapidly growing and evolving digital infrastructure sector

03 Sustainability and digital inclusion

Sustainable and digital
inclusion mandate

Digital Gravity integrates targets and policies to enhance the sustainability of digital infrastructure and to promote digital inclusivity and transformation