Investing across the entire digital infra value chain

Digital Gravity Infrastructure Partners invests in the assets and companies that provide the infrastructure of the internet, supporting digital transformation and connectivity.

Our digital infrastructure specialism and value-add approach are investing in and building leading neutral, scalable businesses to drive positive change. We invest in global connectivity, empowering underserved communities, and shaping a connected, sustainable future.

Digital Gravity sector focus

Data Centres

Where the storage & processing of data occurs


Data centres are centralised facilities designed to store, manage, process, and distribute large amounts of data, providing critical infrastructure and computing resources for organisations to support their digital operations, applications, and services.


The demand for data centres is expected to continue growing at a high rate, with megawatt demand in areas such as the Nordics expected to more than double over the next 5 years.


Data centres consume 2% of global electricity and contribute 2% to global CO2 emissions.